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About Us

 "To all of those I share this rock with, I love you all whether we agree or disagree. All I ask is that we don't fart in each others face, so that we don't end up a bunch of smelly morons stuck on a goddamn rock." - DJ Webb

Guyz with Bongz is an independent comedy group from Denver. Our material is centered around the things we love 420, movies, video games, breasts, Star Wars and our random ass humor. Free Funny Videos and Independent Comedy shorts for the 420 lovers. Free funny videos for 420 lovers. Twisted cartoons like "Serial killers are People too" and "Serving the Empire". Here you can also find our "Weedgeist" documentaries  about the conspiracy behind marijuana prohibition. It's Entertainment whether you like it or not.

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Facebook- GuyzwithBongz


1 comment:

  1. Hi Guys,

    Thanks so much for good work, especially the Weedgeist video.

    I have a talent for music and wish to offer my tracks for use in video's. If you's like em and want to use em feel free. I'm often working on more tracks so stay tuned for more if they're your style.

    Check em out at if y'all interested.

    Some of my favorites from the collection include Triumphant, Splattered, Polluptitus, Ride the Snake, Field Day and The Slimy Ladder. They're from the guitar solo's collection.

    I live in Australia and my name is Jason Perkins, aka, Leafy.

    Contact me at if you like.

    Thanks again guys. Good Work !!!!!!!!! :-)