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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lets kill each other because of Trump and Hilary!

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Been reading a ton of articles lately, but the best part is reading the comments. Nothing like seeing my fellow Americans go at each others throats like dogs foaming at the mouth. All I ever see are Trump supporters calling Non-Supporters morons, and Liberals calling Trump supporters morons, and their even convinced that they would be at ease if the other supporters of either would drop dead. I saw a Trumper (that's what I call them) talking about lining liberals up and slitting their throats, and I saw some Hilary Muffin (likewise) mention needing a new Hitler to exterminate Trump Supporters. How fantastic!

Do Hilary supporters REALLY think things would be better if she won? Do Trump supporters REALLY think there will be less bullshit with this administration over the last one? Are we all still caught up in this show, and are people still letting Hollywood tell them what they should think as if those idiots who can't even make a good original movie anymore has any fucken clue about anything?

Its like there's two gangs claiming the country and we're willing to kill over who's not wearing the right color. Liberals and conservatives yo, Bloods and Crips cause we're PWA, Politicians With Attitudes. I mean their fucken colors are even red and blue for fucks sake. The recent presidential elections were advertised like UFC fights, Trump vs Clinton who gonna knock the shit outta the other one? Insane, it's insane!

And it helps to create division between us, the people of the same country. Everything from sports to religion to race to media to politics are meaningless competitions manipulated in ways to divide us and turn us against each other and to make us forget that once we were united...... And now we're fighting over political parties willing to kill each other because we think these candidates are intelligent or worth anything other then shit? And we're actually voting this shit? Trump and Hilary, this is what our country has to offer......... Is this all that this country has to offer?

And they all talk about immigrants, Gay Rights and abortion,..... immigrants, Gay Rights and abortion,..... immigrants, Gay Rights and abortion........ and sometimes Terrorist and climate. Well when all else fails, lets scare the shit outta some voters, that will start swinging in some directions. And here we go, spitting it out in public either disputing or overly agreeing on them which is just as sad.

Immigrants, we have a country because of it, yet we need to be careful on who, how many, and not let US dollars leave. Immigration is good and promotes industry and small business, but we can't take in faster then we grow, economically, geologically and socially. we can't flood the market until it's ready.

Gay rights, seriously, why is the government so concerned with who's putting their genitals in or on who. Why? Weather your for it or against it, it's perverted to bring up in Washington or be concerned about it at all. It's a free country for all, not just you. The price of freedom could just mean that you might have to see some things you don't like. Meaning, someone is gonna be tolerating you as well.

Abortion, this is another ridiculous one. Don't stick your nose into someone elses problems or blessings. how dare we stick our noses in private family or individual matters that are hard enough alone for many reasons. Worry about you own bodies and own ethics, because I'm sure you expect your ethics and privacy to be respected as well. We all, everyone of us, all have skeletons in our closets so lets not start shaking fingers and making enemies.

So why are we still talking about this crap? Why are the politicians? Why are we not asking questions and still spreading the same ol' shit?

What about why aren't there more scientist involved or recognized in the government? What about Jobs and more home based industry? What about more research into renewable energy? What about more rights to states to help create more and better localized food, rights, business and economy? What about making sure there's work and valuable education for our children? What about a health care plan for every one that actually works and makes sense? What about a solid plan to shrink our debt? What about the ground under our feet, a safe neighborhood for our kids, working together and a true chance to prosper? Why is there so little focus on space exploration and getting off this small blue rock? Whether Republican or Democrat, aren't Trump and Hilary still supposed to be on the same team, and shouldn't they still be working together for and with this country?

Over two hundred years ago we fought for and gained freedom..... what is it that we're all still fighting for?.....

What happened to us all being united for the greater good of family, health, work, fun, culture, exploration, and stability in every aspect?
DJ Walther

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