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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let's Go Vote

 Hey ya know what? Big fat middle finger and FUCK YOU Hillary, Big fat middle finger and FUCK YOU Trump,... in fact the finger isn't good enough, I'm emailing them both a gif of junk wagging back and forth with the caption, "NO! And Fuck Ya Buddy". You mean to tell me I have the choice to choose between these two assholes. I saw em both on TV talkin about WHATEVER they FEEL is politics, i was thinking, Fuck! They not only sound like their coughing the same garbage, but look a like too. At first I thought this election was between Leather Face and Corey from Slipknot. All these supposed topics and non issues being tossed around is like being forced feed for 30 years plates of ripped up butt-holes for breakfast, and big ol' bowls of dicks for dinner. This is a choice!? What happened to the choice to check the box that says "No fucken way, roll again"? Or the check box that reads, "Check here to rid the parasite Washington from your country, burn down what remains and let rise from the ashes a new restored America with actual opportunities, civilian ran and represented with term limits, laws that are conditioned by the people and not the other way around and true freedom for all which means you have to deal with some things you may not like or approve of, but everyone has to tolerate your ass too. So stand up and say, "Hey! that guy's pretty weird, but are we having fucken fun or what" Goddamn Freedom!!!!.......... I'm voting for the fucken Hamburger Helper Hand....