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Monday, June 29, 2015

I don't give a FUCK!

Wow, Okay. Because of some points I made in a few groups now everyone thinks I'm "Anti-Gay" which is further from the truth. I just don't see gay marriage as a win for gays, infact I don't really think it was a win for straights either. And at the end of it all, I don't think anyone "Really" cares or shouldn't considering the other more pressing problems that effect us all equally. So no I'm not putting rainbows over my picture because I honestly don't give a shit, I'm not gay, I have other more important things to worry about over anyones sexuality and I don't know why anyone can't just be who they are without a goddamn Bill Board about it. Whether your putting a dick in Chick or a Dude does not concern me, what concerns me is: Are ya keepin it real, will you hold a door if my arms are full and can you watch my back when playing Call of Duty. So how does this make me Anti-Gay and what's wrong with not giving a fuck!? I mean seriously, do any of you fuckholes really have concern on where I put my dick?