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Thursday, January 29, 2015

DipShit Awards #1

So I was chatting with this guy in a forum, just sharing ideas about space travel. This chic then gets involved in our convo, No prob, she's obviously not on our level with the understanding, but not rude. I began talking about The Rosetta mission and what has been discovered so far from the comet. She then started to try and convince us that "We can't send anything outside of earth's orbit until we're able to achieve light travel" ... WTF!! So we began to explain to her the long history of that not being true, still just sharing info. She felt we were being rude, and started being a little bitch about it, go figure right, typical of those without a penis.. So we started posting links like crazy, and she was getting way outta hand.... one thing that set her off, was when she said something like, "You guys are way sci-fi, next your gonna say people are going to be able to fly." Which I replied, "Hum, well we can.... we do it everyday using these magic chariots called jet airplanes." ...... and then she said, "I know about airplanes dumb-ass, that's how I got to Texas. Everyone knows about flying moron!" <----- Wtf is that!? I'm really...... well fuck I don't know, but that was fuckin stupid. We then started to ignore her continuing on with our conversation..... until she posted this. it was a link to one of those we've never been to the moon sites plus extra we're stupid for space bonus bullshit, and she said, "We can't even make it to our own moon. We can't send any craft out into space because it would require power, and it would have to carry a ridiculous about of fuel payload...." She then said, I mean really said, "You can't just shut that shit off in space,......(rewind)..... You can't just shut that shit off in space......, it needs power. So goodluck fags, hope your Star Trek thing works. Maybe some day we'll actually get something to the moon." .......... So I replied, "Hey Bitch! Someday we're gonna put a rover on mars!"