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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Little Side Thoughts from FaceBook

I'm trying to turn a new leaf here and cutting out insulting and arguing between people who should be discussing, debating in a healthy manner and sharing ideas.

Sure we either swing right or left, but on the political office level the party system doesn't exist. Another trick we all fell for, their like wrestlers, in the ring their talking shit and beating the crap outta each other, but when the lights are out and the curtain is closed their all playing cards, drinking and counting the money they made together from multiple fans who are foes among each-other.

When are we gonna say, right, left, fuck it, I'm AMERICAN and I used to have rights, industry and thriving small business and every president since Reagan helped aid in taking that away and turned it into suck. It's like Micheal Bay took over and destroyed what originally defined us.

But I do agree on the fact of arguing that the poor is poor because the rich are rich, it's too general when even I know those who were poor and made it rich, while knowing those like me that came from riches to end up with nothing, and no matter how I choose to spin it, or point blame, it happened because of some ill advised and unresearched choices my parents made.

I'm not saying there aren't those who have these sinister goals out there that have worked up to positions where they're trying to keep the poor down, but why attack the rich just because their rich, cause after all, that's a goal of mine and I wouldn't want someone trying to stake claim to my money that I worked so hard for. I'll give back by creating jobs, to help others while furthering helping me, and as my company grows I will be able to offer more and more to my employees, but wait, now minimum wage keeps going up and inflation with it, so now it's costing me more to keep employees and I can't offer more to them, if minimum wage goes up again, I'll have to start cutting staff and full time, if it goes up again, I'll have to close and we all lose.

Meanwhile inflation continues upward even faster because businesses are dropping, economy is spiraling down and everything has to be ridiculously priced to stay a float because of the inflation.... Sure, why do the rich need to have that much money, but then again, why do you or i need ps3's, flat screen TVs and rice cookers? It's because we all want more, so why attack those who have achieved it when that time can be spent archiving it our selves.... Hell I'm poor, and I don't blame those who are rich or have power, I blame my own poor decisions... We said you had the right to pursue happiness, it was never a guarantee.

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