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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tales from Phoenix Transit

Time for another "Tales from Phoenix Transit"

So I was on my way to work this morning on the bus, and there was these two older "African American" (Being PC is such shit!) women talking loudly about about Obama.

Each word was hitting me in the back of the head like a sledge hammer.They were using terms like, "Hero" (ouch), "Savior" (Ahh it hurts so much), and "A True American" (Common I'm coughing up blood here!).  

Finally the one woman said, "He's like the second coming of Christ" ........ I could be silent no more and spit out, "Well I've got the nails if you guys have the wood!"

They whipped their heads towards me, giving me those old black woman crazy eyes. "What hell is wrong with you?", one asked.

I replied, "Your right, a metal cross and blots would be more effective."

There was a symphony of gasps and sighes, and I was the conductor, pleased with my performance yet civilized enough to hold my celebration.

"You racist asshole, get off the bus you pecker wood son-a-bitch.." the other woman yelled at me.

Racist!? I couldn't understand that, anti-Christian sure, but that's only cause I'm a cool guy. I would "Never" do anything "Racist" and I wasn't.

I looked around and other people were confused about it too. There was another black guy on the bus looking around as if to say, "Wait, I missed it, am I supposed to be Black Guy pissed here or something?"

"Okay, well it looks like I made a mistake and got on the city short bus, late" I said before I got off, leaving the black women mad for being racist on some "Black God" level that no one else could comprehend. They were just a couple of low-class ignorant people, I wish there was a word or a term for that..........

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