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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why I like the paranormal

I will admit that I'm an atheist, and I like the paranormal. I like watching two related shows which are Paranormal Witness and Ghost Adventures. They are very entertaining, however I don't see the paranormal the way that most do. Much like the way these shows display it.

Let me start off by mentioning that I do strongly believe that a majority of "Paranormal Activity" most likely has a very "Normal" and reasonable explanation for it. But there does exist the unexplainable and we're hindered to the answer because we're closed minded about the topic. Only able to see it from one angle. Why?

Now I get why most would assume that a ghost is the spirit of someone from our past. That's a reasonable assumption, but can we step back and consider that there is possibly a yet to understand science behind this. Especially the yet to be explained.

Now it is fact that other dimensions occupy the same space that we do, and there are beings that exist in these worlds. This isn't paranormal, it isn't science fiction, it's fact. These beings can be other humans, in different time periods and technologies, and or animals, dinosaurs or even beings that we're not even aware of. 

Is it possible that when a sane person has seen a full or partial body "Ghost" that it may be one of these beings bleeding threw into our dimension. Like maybe there are thin spots or conditions we don't understand in the dimensions that allow glimpses into and between them. We can sometimes faintly see them as a ghostly haze, and sometimes they can see us... in the same ghostly way. Are we their ghosts?

I know some might say "Then why do a lot of ghost seem to be doing the same things at the same time over and over like in a residual hauntings ?". This just makes me think about how repetitive my own life is. I go to work and do the same shit everyday, and at the same times. Then I come home about the same time everyday, and make dinner, watch TV and do the same things I always do. So is it possible they do to? Generations among years working and living in the same places. With generations of us seeing them at different times through out history.

"Okay wise guy, then how about intelligent hauntings, demons and creatures?", others may ask.

It's not like I'm saying just because we don't yet have either the technology or understanding about the "Between Dimensions" theory, that some of these other beings don't. Can't it be possible that some dimensions understand how to bleed through enough to communicate in any and all ways, while others have the means to enter straight through..... And some of them just like to fuck with us. Like a teenager with a phone and phone book, or worse.

I'm saying it's possible that these ghostly mysteries are not spiritual, but a science we have yet to understand. Maybe spirituality it's self is a science. If we went back 300 years ago and said we've been to the moon and back, we fly all over the round world and we can bomb and attack countries from the other side of the planet, we would be called witches and hung. Go back a few thousand, they'd think we were GODS. To them it would be spiritual or magic, a science they were yet to understand. Hell there are still humans on this planet today that haven't seen a plane or car and wouldn't understand our world. A world that exist within their own.

I believe hauntings and paranormal activities can be a reflection of that same lack of understanding, and someone we may find the answer. Finding that answer could also open up needed technology for problems that exist today, communication between worlds, or even an answer to deep space travel. Who knows? 

I don't have the answers obviously, but I'd like to see the angle considered as well as more angles emerge. I challenge Ghost Adventures and other ghost hunters to take a strict science approach and open their minds to this type of theory. Or a new show of a few teams of skeptical scientist that won't jump and run from every little noise or falling object, and they investigate and do the math. With the absolute proper equipment to get the most possible coverage recording and analyzing events over the course of a month or so. Try to answer and understand why or what these people are experiencing, and possibly discover scientific secrets of the mysterious.

Alex Webb

Picture by David Walther, © copyright Deceptive Studioz 2013

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