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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why So Stupid!?

I see so many people being Gothic little emo faggots online on a constant basis, and when it comes down to it, their stupid little bitches are ones that I pray to have. If I were to share my worries and air out my real concerns and what I consider my trivial bitches about my own life online, a thousand would kill themselves by my words alone. Maybe more should just keep their little Miley  Cyrus bitches to them selves and grow the fuck up and not spend so much time online griping about their chosen "my chemical romance" life style, and step up and speak out about real issues rather then non issues. So much time pointing out James Holmes, but not enough on Ron Paul's message.....   Everyone has become the goth kids from South Park, complaining about everyone else while being everyone else talking around the logic rather then discussing the means and pointing out the real logic of all of our demise. Why claim to be individual while being everyone? It makes me sick! Did Lady Gaga really have that much of an impact on reality, or are we all just making issues around the real problems so that we can keep our nice sparkling little shits, like our cell phones?  Someone was just raped and murdered today over a crack rock, Ron Paul gave up on freedom as everyone else cared about backing the federal governments illegal involvement in states rights, a child was neglected because someone wanted to care about Obama being black rather then then the fact that he destroys American values, and others care about poor immigrants while our own vets are hungry in the streets..... I wish I could point out the app that could explain that to everyone. Yet here we still bitch about Clint Eastwood, Fuck you! 

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