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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Man ties up girl to play video games

 Sometimes it's hard being a hardcore gamer, especially when the TV is a shared one. One little girl learns the hard way not to come between a gamer and his game when a Sarasota man takes matters into his own hands.

All 27-year-old Heath Howe wanted to do was play some video games, and he didn't feel it was to much to ask for a relaxing Wednesday in the "Virtual Realm". However a little girl was out to ruin Howe's afternoon by hogging the TV to watch cartoons. Seems like kids just have to get everything their own way now-a-days, and Howe was just about fed up with that.

He grabbed a rope and tied up the 4-year-old girl leaving her in the kitchen (giving her a taste of her own medicine).  As if he wasn't having a bad enough day, the police were called after the girls mother returned home, and Howe was arrested.

Heath Howe now faces a child abuse charge for tying up the 4-year-old. The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office reports the little girl had bruises and rope marks on her arms and legs, and she had been tied up in the kitchen until her mother and a friend returned home from the gym. She told deputies that Howe tied her up on previous occasions to play video games. 

Howe was released from jail Friday on a $100,000 bail and awaiting court.

He still has not been able to simply play his game. Don't allow this to happen to you, don't tie up little kids, bribe them instead.

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