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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dude, Cows crash party, drink beer

 Boxford, Mass- Loose cows terrorize a small back yard party Sunday, and start drinking all their beer.
An innocent group of young adults were celebrating their youth in a harmless get-together with some beers. They assembled in the back yard of a dear friend, then suddenly the unthinkable happened.

A herd of angry and thirsty cows bust in on the party, they scare off guests in thuggish demeanor. The cows then began knocking over beers and drinking them off the table top with no regard for people whom paid for said beer. Fortunately a local police officer was near by, and he witnessed the horrifying event.

Boxford police Lt. James Riter spotted the mob of cows gathering in the front yard of the parties location. He started driving towards the suspicious herd when they ran for the back yard crashing the party. Riter could hear the cry's and the screaming of the mortified young adults.

Riter ran after the cows and witnessed them lapping up beer from the table and recycle bin, and he then detained the criminal cows. Their owner was contacted, and the reckless cows were herded back home. 
But memory of the beer shed will remain in minds of those guests and Lt. James Riter.

We will never forget.

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