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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Double Dragon: Neon to beat up consoles soon

 "Crap a Bobo, lets gang up him". Wayforward Technologies (Contra 4) and Majesco are working together to bring us an updated old favorite. Now retro game fans can re-live the fight with Double Dragon: Neon.

Return to the mean streets as the famous beat-em-up duo the Lee brothers. Play as Billy and Jimmy as they fight through the levels of the street criminal underground to save Marian. Marian was abducted by the villain Skullmageddon (Great Name), and just like most 80s games, that's all it takes to get just two guys ticked off enough to take down your entire criminal organization. Now Billy and Jimmy must battle some of the baddest thugs to get back their shared love interest.
The game is a blend of 3D graffics in a 2D side-scrolling format and game-play. Just like previous Double Dragon games, the play will use martial arts and weapon-based combat to take down enemies. Players will able to use combo attacks and co-op attacks like jump attacks and holding enemies for your partner. Old favorites have made a comeback too, for example: the spinning kick move, throws, knee to the face and flying knee.

Players will also get pick up weapons to use, both ranged and melee. Weapons include, knives, swords, whips, baseball, throwing knives, grenades, chains and much more.  It has everything the classic had, plus new ways to street beat down a thug.

The theme of Double Dragon: Neon will feel like an 80's street crime genre with dark alleys, warehouses, mean ghetto streets and neon lighting. The environment is just the finishing touch to the tongue and cheek parody of the retro world.

Double Dragon: Neon is Developed by WayForward Technologies and Published by Majesco for download on PS3 and Xbox Live Arcade. The Double Dragon series are all side scroller beat-em-up fighting games, and Neon is no exception. It will be available to purchase and download Jul 31, 2012.

Prepare to re-live an old classic in a new way, strap up your gloves for Double Dragon: Neon.

Double Dragon: Neon to beat up consoles soon - Phoenix Video Game |

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