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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alex Webb Show

Ok before anything, These videos are just a joke. I feel it is obvious that these aren't meant to be taken seriously. However I had these up on another site, and for some reason they thought there was some sort of meaning behind them. I literally had people message me and say things like, " You don't know what your talking about, the imagination is safe" and "I was unaware that my child's imagination was so much of a threat." I was even called an asshole and a jerk. lol, It's just a funny thing I did, so I don't get it. Please just enjoy it, and know this OBVIOUSLY isn't REAL!!!! 

Alex Webb discusses "The Nothing" with guest Douglas Neil. It is all around you, so watch over your shoulder.

About Video: Alex Webb has guest Doug Neil on to talk about the harms of the imagination, and how it ties in with the Nothing (from a previous episode).