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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Man sues hospital for circumcision

 Sioux Falls, South Dakota- An inmate at the South Dakota State Penitentiary is suing the hospital that performed a circumcision on him 28 years ago.

Some claim that being uncircumcised benefits males with more enjoyable sex, and helps makes men feel their penis is larger, But their are health and hygiene issues associated with uncircumcised males. It was information like this that one Sioux Falls inmate was researching when he decided to sue a hospital for damages.

28-year-old inmate Dean Cochrun is suing Sanford Hospital (previously known as Sioux Valley Hospital), for performing a circumcision on him shorty after he was born. He filed a complaint Friday in federal court stating that he was recently made aware of the fact that he had been circumcised. He added that the procedure has left him feeling inadequate and unable to fully enjoy sex.

Sanford Hospital officials responded to the complaint in writing, saying that the circumcision would not have been performed without Cochrun's parent's consent. Cochrun's law suit asks Sanford Hospital for punitive damages and a $1,000 compensation for the unwanted circumcision.

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