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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Batman escapes traffic ticket

The streets of Rockville Maryland were quite, shadowed and foreboding, but under the watch of a caped crusader who was on duty to keep the city safe of crime. But on this night, the Dark Knight was guilty of a crime himself, and that triggered police to pull him over.

Rockville Police pulled over a black Lamborghini over the weekend with the Batman logo on it. The license plate also sported the popular super hero logo, and that plate is what lead to the traffic stop. The Batman logo plate wasn't an approved license plate in the state.

When police approached the driver, they were surprised to see that the driver, Lenny B. Robinson, was dressed head to toe as the Dark Knight. He was complete with mask, cape, utility belt and gloves.

Robinson was very understanding and cooperative, so police just let him off with a warning when he was able to show them the proper plate, but it did come at a price, the officers posed with him and his car for some novelty pictures and Batman was more then happy to do it.

Lenny B. Robinson dresses as Batman to visit sick children at hospitals. His vehicle is part of the service he provides to children for smiles and the fun of imagination.

Alex Webb

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