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Monday, March 26, 2012

Star Wars: Battlefront III rumored to be in development

Since the blockbuster hit Star Wars: Battlefront II, fans have been craving a Battlefront III to further fight through their favorite battles from the Star Wars films. But with no announcements and the years since Battlefront II, Star Wars fans have given up on anticipating another game, however new hints from developers suggest that a new Battlefront could be in our future.

The rumors among fans of the Star Wars universe spread like wildfire about the development Star Wars: Battlefront III since the release of the second game, but no official announcement was ever made. However over the past couple of years, rumors from official sources have resurfaced suggesting that the game is indeed in development and this installment of the series will be huge.

Information received by Kotaku from former LucasArts employees stated back 2006 says, yes Battlefront III is in fact in the creation process (at that time). The game was under development by Free Radical Design for current gen systems and the game is said to be massive. One of the new features rumored is the ability for players to enter space crafts during ground battles and fly through atmosphere to then engage in space battles. Much like Battlefront II players would be able to dock enemy ships and sabotage them, but unlike Battlefront II, players won't be limited in exploration of the enemy vessels.

Footage of the game-play for Battlefront III was leaked to IGN from a former Free Radical Design developer, but LucasArts demanded its removal almost as fast as it went up. Then fans lost hope after the PSP release of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, making fans fear that Rebellion Developments bought out the title and turned it into a hand held rip of Star Wars: Battlefront II, but that might not be the case.

Official copyrights and licenses filed by Free Radical Design has staked a claim the title Star Wars: Battlefront III, and GameSpy and Steam have even set up lobbies for the title. But it is unsure on whether Free Radical will continue the development or if it was sold to Spark Unlimited as their next project. Either way there has been no official word on if the game is actually in development, but fans sure are asking for it.

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