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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Silent Hill: Book of Memories reinvents survival horror

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is an upcoming multiplayer survival horror game. The new installment to the Silent Hill series and it's taking a unique approach to premise and storyline.

Book of Memories begins with the player receiving a mysterious book (The Book of Memories), but the book isn't just any book, it's the story of your (the player's) life. The book is detailed with everything you have done, choices, people you've met, conflicts, everything that has ever happened to you. But then you discover the ability to alter your past by changing what is written.

This leads to the player being pulled into other-worlds to face nightmares hidden in their past. Players will have to navigate through dark hellish environments and face creatures from the world of Silent Hill. The character will solve puzzles, encounter enemies and bosses, obtain special items and collect different weapons to help unlock the mystery of your past.

The game will be a top view action style survival horror, which is focused more on multiplayer co-operative game-play. Fans will have run ins with past characters and creatures from past Silent Hill games such as, nurses, demon children and Pyramid Head.

Like other titles in the series, players must ration their ammo and health wisely to survive the terror. You will also be able to customize your character and choose your own paths. No word yet on whether there are different ending or not like in previous installments, but players will have some control over storyline progression.

Fans online are already flooding forums discussing the upcoming title, and so far fans aren't very pleased the announcement. Some have started calling the game Silent Hill: Farmville, and stating that the game will be as much of a disappointment as Shattered Memories. But developers claim fans will be pleased and will enjoy this new way of exploring the town of Silent Hill. Fan's however are still skeptical and are asking, "What's next, Silent Hill Racing?"

Silent Hill: Book of Memories will be exclusively for the PlayStation Vita, and due out on retail sometime in 2012. Time to rediscover the nightmares of Silent Hill.

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