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Friday, February 10, 2012

Taste of steak leads to stabbing of women

It's happened to a lot of us, you order a steak or prepared one on the grill at home, then when you have first bite it doesn't seem to be as satisfactory as you anticipated. There's nothing more disappointing at dinner time then a steak that doesn't deliver, and it can even lead to anger if not prepared just right. One Belmont women learned that serving a bad piece of meat to an angry man with a steak knife isn't a good idea.

According to a report by The Gaston Gazette, 37-year-old Michael William Nivens stabbed and cut his girlfriend multiple times over the taste of his steak. Police say Nivens woke up the women after she went to bed to confront her about the steak dinner they had earlier, claiming the steak tasted different from how hers normally tastes, and simple apology just wouldn't do.

Nivens then then allegedly stabbed the women in the forehead, cut open her fingers and sliced her neck over the foreign flavor of his meal. He then called police and reported that he assaulted his girlfriend in this manner. Michael William Nivens was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and he is currently being held at a county jail without bond.

The women was treated at a local hospital for her injuries and released. In this case, meat was attempted murder.

But steak isn't the only food item that has caused random acts of violence recently, Carbondale police say 30-year-old Erik Cain stabbed his brother last Wednesday over a brownie. Erik Cain became very upset when a brownie he had was cut in half by his brother Gene Cain.

Erik then responded by grabbing three steak knives and slashing at Gene cutting his forearm, wrist and shoulder. Gene told police that he retaliated by throwing a television at Erik.

Erik Cain faces charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment, and he is currently out on bail for cutting his girlfriend last month. Apparently a brownie is what started the "Legacy of Cain".

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