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Monday, February 13, 2012

New Police brutality in the form of animal abuse

As if the ever growing police brutality on human citizens, adult and child isn't enough, police nationwide have started killing pets left and right. Recently we've seen the videos of police raiding a mans house in the middle of the night, scaring young children, worrying a wife and killing the family pet over less then a gram of marijuana. In north Phoenix, police killed 3 dogs during a police raid on a house for what they believed was a backyard marijuana growing operation which turned out to be a vegetable and herb garden. Then on the east coast police kill a dog and cat during a raid on a young man's parents house after neighbors reported him for smoking a joint in his backyard.

But recently one of most horrific police action on an animal and just a plain disgusting display of animal cruelty period just took place here in our fabled land of the free. A DC Police officer was witnessed and photographed taking down a dog as if he were a criminal suspect. The "Monster" of an officer drove his knee into the middle of the dog's (Parrot was his name) back and stretched all four of his legs behind him causing agony and broken bones. The DC Police officer then lifted Parrot, hog tied, and brought him to the top of a concrete staircase, he then threw Parrot down twelve steps to the ground. The cop then drew his weapon and shot Parrot several times executing him.

At no time did Parrot try to attack, bite or play ruff house with the officer. Witnesses say that all Parrot did was bark at him "just being a dog." This murder of a fellow earthling was displayed in-front of several frighten (of the officer) witnesses. All were very disgusted with this vulgar display of power and questions are rising about the recent years of police behavior. If DC Police are willing to torture and murder a poor dog, then what are they willing to do to human citizens? This is considering the commonly linked behavior between animal cruelty and serial killers. Just what kind of individuals are our cities governments hiring anyway?

Everyday new videos are rising on the internet of police brutality and even murder on citizens. Seemingly the police nationwide are becoming just as if not a worse threat then gang activity. Citizens are more commonly becoming just as frighten of police as they are of street crime. If something isn't done soon, it is feared that we will suffer the same fate as the victims of the Holocaust, leaving some to believe that revolution is a must. Like Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

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