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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPad retro gaming with iCade

Now you can turn your iPad into your own arcade machine and relive some old favorites arcade style. iCade is a custom attachment for your iPad making your device look just like a smaller version of an arcade machine. Now you can play those old titles in style with a working joystick and smash-able buttons, you can rehash your skills from back in the day.

iCade has a docking port that you can slide your iPad into making the screen of your arcade system, with a standard joystick control panel built in. The iCade syncs to your iPad via blue tooth to allow retro gaming control. Developers of the iCade has also teamed up with game developers including Atari to bring playable titles of old favorites on iCade. The system will also have dozens of preloaded games on it like Asteroids and Pac-Man.

The makers of the iCade is also developing an iPhone and Android version that looks similar to an old Nintendo controller. It will also come with preloaded games and sync up via blue tooth. Both systems will also be able to control other mobile games, apps and emulators on your phone and or iPad. iCade is available now and retails for about $99.

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