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Friday, February 24, 2012

Get Real!

Honestly I'm sick of everyone feeling that they need to "prepare for Zombies, because if your prepared for zombies your prepared for anything" BULLSHIT! zombies can't be a treat cause our bones and movement rely on our muscles... Zombies are dead... It's dead decaying flesh that stiffens (dying muscle). So a real zombie invasion would dead moaners on the ground that can't move, I'm not afraid of that, and we would have it under control in like an hour or so and that's only if we stopped to take pictures. Some might say, "Well what if it was a virus that gave them strength" Well then that's living organisms so they're not fucking zombies idiots. If you really want to be prepared, then be prepare for a mother fucken Alien Invasion, Now your prepared for anything. then we will have something to talk about fags!

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