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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DOOM 4 in production and coming soon

It's been along wait since the last time we fought in dark depths of the evil under worlds, and now fans are screaming it's about time. It has been 6 years since the last adventure though Hell, and now Id Software will take us back to the insanity. The famously imaginative company responsible for one the best selling first person shooters ever (Id Software) has confirmed that DOOM 4 is deep in development. They have been working on the title simultaneously with Rage a post apocalyptic sci-fi FPS.

It is yet to be known if the game will in fact be titled DOOM 4 or if it will be a sequel to 3, but it will be the forth installment to the series. The game will be ran on the IdTech 5 engine. But the company wants to make it clear that they are being very careful not to make the game simply a re-skin of Rage which uses the same engine. Both games are in development at the same time, but they will both be independent of each other. The new DOOM will feel like DOOM, and fans will will be pleased to know developers have the classic in mind.

Any word about the games features, characters, new enemies, and game-play is being kept secret for the time being. But it promises to make DOOM fans happy, and plans to make a splash teaser at upcoming conventions. Given Id's past reputation of taking time on their main titles, we can expect it to pay off like it has in the past.

The game is rumored to be released some time this year for the Xbox 360. More information will reported as it is revealed.

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