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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alan Wake's American Nightmare on Xbox Live Arcade

Sometimes writers like to write themselves into their own story as a twist for the reader. It's a way to make a story fun while the writer gets a chance to escape into their own world. Then there are writers that literally get absorbed into their own works and face the real nightmares they've created, and writer Alan Wake can't escape his own terror.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is the upcoming story-based survival horror game which is a side story to the dark action horror game Alan Wake. This title isn't a sequel nor a prequel to Alan Wake, it's based on the fictional authors earlier works known as his Night Springs series. Night Springs was a TV series Alan Wake wrote early in his career, and now he is stuck in his own story facing the horrors of his own making.

The game takes place in Arizona and Alan his trying to uncover a mystery involving what appears to be his evil doppelganger. The sinister doppelganger was created in a deep dark place within the storyline of the first game "Alan Wake". It wreaks havoc throughout the dark pages of Wake's books and lands comfortably in a episode of Night Springs. Alan is then manifested into this fictional world battling light and dark to try and grasp the fine line between reality and fiction.

The game-play will be very similar to the first game with obvious differences in scenery and enemies. Like the first Alan Wake it will be story driven with deep plot lines and rich character development. Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be available for download on Xbox Live near the end of next month, and it's being developed by Remedy Entertainment. Prepare to help Alan survive the nightmare.

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