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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cleverly Stupid

Ok before anything, This video is just a joke. I feel it is obvious that this isn't meant to be taken seriously. However I had this up on another site, and for some reason they thought there was some sort of meaning behind it. i literally had people message me and say things like, " You don't know what your talking about, the imagination is safe" and "I was unaware that my child's imagination was so much of a threat." I was even called an asshole and a jerk. lol, It's just a funny thing I did, so I don't get it. Please just enjoy it, and know this OBVIOUSLY isn't REAL!!!!

Deceptive Studioz

Friday, February 24, 2012

Get Real!

Honestly I'm sick of everyone feeling that they need to "prepare for Zombies, because if your prepared for zombies your prepared for anything" BULLSHIT! zombies can't be a treat cause our bones and movement rely on our muscles... Zombies are dead... It's dead decaying flesh that stiffens (dying muscle). So a real zombie invasion would dead moaners on the ground that can't move, I'm not afraid of that, and we would have it under control in like an hour or so and that's only if we stopped to take pictures. Some might say, "Well what if it was a virus that gave them strength" Well then that's living organisms so they're not fucking zombies idiots. If you really want to be prepared, then be prepare for a mother fucken Alien Invasion, Now your prepared for anything. then we will have something to talk about fags!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Assault suspect claims he's half-orangutan

Did Florida police stumble on evidence of a government hybrid that worked for the CIA? More then likely not, but one man arrested for assault last week claims exactly that. But that's the only amazing links this man has, he may also be the brother of Elvis, or so he claims.

Miami New Times reported that Florida police arrested Mark Loescher for assault after a report was called in claiming he was threatening a women with a gun near a bank in Naples. But this wasn't your regular assault suspect, he was the director of the CIA, well, as claimed by him. However this wasn't the most interesting part of his story.

Loescher told Florida police that he was the brother of Elvis Presley and he was half orangutan, a subject of a super human project. He claimed he was pressed for time because he had to get to a "Fusion Center" as soon as possible to check on his monkey blood. Apparently when your an orangutan/human Hybrid, you must keep close track of your monkey blood levels, but being Elvis's brother is just a cool little perk.

Mark Loescher also claimed to be a close friend of President Bush which he also shares an attorney with, which makes some question, is President Bush a fellow monkey hybrid? It's probably safe to say Loescher is 15 cans short of 6 pack, or Florida's worst lair.

Police found a gun and ammo in Loescher's vehicle, but no CIA identification, directions to the Fusion Center or the business card of Presidents Bushes attorney. Mark Loescher was taken to the Naples Jail Center and was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a weapon. He has still not been able to check his monkey blood levels.

iPad retro gaming with iCade

Now you can turn your iPad into your own arcade machine and relive some old favorites arcade style. iCade is a custom attachment for your iPad making your device look just like a smaller version of an arcade machine. Now you can play those old titles in style with a working joystick and smash-able buttons, you can rehash your skills from back in the day.

iCade has a docking port that you can slide your iPad into making the screen of your arcade system, with a standard joystick control panel built in. The iCade syncs to your iPad via blue tooth to allow retro gaming control. Developers of the iCade has also teamed up with game developers including Atari to bring playable titles of old favorites on iCade. The system will also have dozens of preloaded games on it like Asteroids and Pac-Man.

The makers of the iCade is also developing an iPhone and Android version that looks similar to an old Nintendo controller. It will also come with preloaded games and sync up via blue tooth. Both systems will also be able to control other mobile games, apps and emulators on your phone and or iPad. iCade is available now and retails for about $99.

iPad retro gaming with iCade - Phoenix Video Game |

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Fugitive calls sheriff for help when he runs out of gas

If your on the run from police, it's probably not the smartest idea to call the sheriff for roadside assistance. One Fugitive from Oregon learns this lesson the hard way, and now he is back in custody.

59-year-old fugitive Richard Vincent was on his way back home in Prineville Oregon when he ran out of gas on the highway in Evanston, Wyo. Stranded and fully aware that he was on the run from authorities, Vincent felt he no choice but to call the Uinta County Sheriff's Office for assistance with his situation.

Glad to assist a citizen and to protect and serve, a Wyoming Highway Patrol officer was dispatched out to help bring gas to the stranded man. Once on scene the officer noticed Vincent was acting suspicious and he ran his ID as routine. The Highway Patrol officer then discovered that Richard Vincent was wanted in Georgia for violating parole on a murder and escape conviction.

Richard Vincent was then taken into custody for his outstanding warrants and Atlanta authorities were notified. He is now being held in Wyoming and pending extradition.

Fugitive calls sheriff for help when he runs out of gas - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Man sentenced after he faked his death

73-year-old Robert Arcieri was charged and booked In June for suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder, burglary, theft, armed robbery, detaining a person in a house of prostitution, and possession and sale of a narcotic drug. But not because he recently committed these crimes, because he did so over 20 years before faking his own death.

In 1987 Arcieri was awaiting trail for fraud, racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder for his involvement in hiring 3 hit men to kill former associates. Police say he was a versatile and prolific criminal, allegedly involved in assaults, burglaries, murders, the drug trade and prostitution. Arcieri had his hands in almost all aspects of crime and was very talented at hiding his tracks, however his luck soon ran out.

One of the hit-men Arcieri hired to carry out a hit was an informant for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. Michael Sanders was the man working with police to bring down Robert Arcieri, he was a bounty hunter with a criminal record and he posed as one of Arcieri's would be hit-men. Sanders reported to police how Arcieri planned the murders and offered to pay each man $50,000 a piece to carry it out.

This lead to the indictment of Arcieri and 3 others involved in planning the hit, but Arcieri (then 47-years-old) wasn't planning on going to jail. According to court records he declared bankruptcy and starting opening accounts under an assumed name while awaiting trail. Then in January of 1987 Arcieri was out on a fishing trip with his nephew and two friends at the Colorado River near Page. He began expressing concern about the alcohol he drank interacting with his pain medication.

The men then headed back to the dock after dark when Arcieri claimed he was feeling dizzy. Once docked Arcieri allegedly became disoriented and he grabbed his chest with one hand and his nephew with the other, then they both fell backwards into the water. His nephew then emerged back to shore safely, but not Arcieri, he disappeared.

Police and divers combed the waters for days looking for Arcieri's body, but found nothing. According to records of the water currents and water bed maps, if Arcieri's body was there, they would of found it, however they turned up nothing. Police were not convinced that Arcieri was dead, but had no proof either way. As time went by, insurance companies were forced to declare him dead and pay over a million dollars in life-insurance to his wife. But now as it turns out, the police were right all along.

Acting on a tip by another criminal informant, Phoenix police found Arcieri in Palm Springs alive and well. Apparently Arcieri changed his identity to Frank Reynolds and went to Spokane, Washington were he took a job manufacturing prefabricated homes. There he met a woman who he later married starting his new second life. They later moved to California near his two daughters which he claimed were his nieces. But his little ruse didn't last forever.

Last Wednesday he pleaded guilty to 2 counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder, 3 counts of conspiracy to commit burglary and 1 count of armed robbery from 1987. Arcieri in addition plead guilty to a count of fraud for his disappearance and faked death. He is facing over 10 years in prison, and he will be sentenced March.

Man sentenced after he faked his death - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Police brutality in the form of animal abuse

As if the ever growing police brutality on human citizens, adult and child isn't enough, police nationwide have started killing pets left and right. Recently we've seen the videos of police raiding a mans house in the middle of the night, scaring young children, worrying a wife and killing the family pet over less then a gram of marijuana. In north Phoenix, police killed 3 dogs during a police raid on a house for what they believed was a backyard marijuana growing operation which turned out to be a vegetable and herb garden. Then on the east coast police kill a dog and cat during a raid on a young man's parents house after neighbors reported him for smoking a joint in his backyard.

But recently one of most horrific police action on an animal and just a plain disgusting display of animal cruelty period just took place here in our fabled land of the free. A DC Police officer was witnessed and photographed taking down a dog as if he were a criminal suspect. The "Monster" of an officer drove his knee into the middle of the dog's (Parrot was his name) back and stretched all four of his legs behind him causing agony and broken bones. The DC Police officer then lifted Parrot, hog tied, and brought him to the top of a concrete staircase, he then threw Parrot down twelve steps to the ground. The cop then drew his weapon and shot Parrot several times executing him.

At no time did Parrot try to attack, bite or play ruff house with the officer. Witnesses say that all Parrot did was bark at him "just being a dog." This murder of a fellow earthling was displayed in-front of several frighten (of the officer) witnesses. All were very disgusted with this vulgar display of power and questions are rising about the recent years of police behavior. If DC Police are willing to torture and murder a poor dog, then what are they willing to do to human citizens? This is considering the commonly linked behavior between animal cruelty and serial killers. Just what kind of individuals are our cities governments hiring anyway?

Everyday new videos are rising on the internet of police brutality and even murder on citizens. Seemingly the police nationwide are becoming just as if not a worse threat then gang activity. Citizens are more commonly becoming just as frighten of police as they are of street crime. If something isn't done soon, it is feared that we will suffer the same fate as the victims of the Holocaust, leaving some to believe that revolution is a must. Like Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

Friday, February 10, 2012

Taste of steak leads to stabbing of women

It's happened to a lot of us, you order a steak or prepared one on the grill at home, then when you have first bite it doesn't seem to be as satisfactory as you anticipated. There's nothing more disappointing at dinner time then a steak that doesn't deliver, and it can even lead to anger if not prepared just right. One Belmont women learned that serving a bad piece of meat to an angry man with a steak knife isn't a good idea.

According to a report by The Gaston Gazette, 37-year-old Michael William Nivens stabbed and cut his girlfriend multiple times over the taste of his steak. Police say Nivens woke up the women after she went to bed to confront her about the steak dinner they had earlier, claiming the steak tasted different from how hers normally tastes, and simple apology just wouldn't do.

Nivens then then allegedly stabbed the women in the forehead, cut open her fingers and sliced her neck over the foreign flavor of his meal. He then called police and reported that he assaulted his girlfriend in this manner. Michael William Nivens was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and he is currently being held at a county jail without bond.

The women was treated at a local hospital for her injuries and released. In this case, meat was attempted murder.

But steak isn't the only food item that has caused random acts of violence recently, Carbondale police say 30-year-old Erik Cain stabbed his brother last Wednesday over a brownie. Erik Cain became very upset when a brownie he had was cut in half by his brother Gene Cain.

Erik then responded by grabbing three steak knives and slashing at Gene cutting his forearm, wrist and shoulder. Gene told police that he retaliated by throwing a television at Erik.

Erik Cain faces charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment, and he is currently out on bail for cutting his girlfriend last month. Apparently a brownie is what started the "Legacy of Cain".

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

serial killers are people too 1

This is the pilot episode of Serial Killers are people too. So we thought we would share it on youtube. A new episode is coming soon. Check for our other crazy toons and videos.

Serving the NWO 2
The guys are back guarding HAARP, and run into Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul. Lots of laughs.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DOOM 4 in production and coming soon

It's been along wait since the last time we fought in dark depths of the evil under worlds, and now fans are screaming it's about time. It has been 6 years since the last adventure though Hell, and now Id Software will take us back to the insanity. The famously imaginative company responsible for one the best selling first person shooters ever (Id Software) has confirmed that DOOM 4 is deep in development. They have been working on the title simultaneously with Rage a post apocalyptic sci-fi FPS.

It is yet to be known if the game will in fact be titled DOOM 4 or if it will be a sequel to 3, but it will be the forth installment to the series. The game will be ran on the IdTech 5 engine. But the company wants to make it clear that they are being very careful not to make the game simply a re-skin of Rage which uses the same engine. Both games are in development at the same time, but they will both be independent of each other. The new DOOM will feel like DOOM, and fans will will be pleased to know developers have the classic in mind.

Any word about the games features, characters, new enemies, and game-play is being kept secret for the time being. But it promises to make DOOM fans happy, and plans to make a splash teaser at upcoming conventions. Given Id's past reputation of taking time on their main titles, we can expect it to pay off like it has in the past.

The game is rumored to be released some time this year for the Xbox 360. More information will reported as it is revealed.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jail time for Jedi attacker who went to the Dark-Side

There was once a time when the Jedi would serve and protect in the name of freedom, peace and honor. But our trusted Jedi knights are becoming few and far between as we continue to lose them to the dark-side. A rogue Jedi has attacked innocent customers at a Toys-R-Us store, the shocking incident has left some asking for "a new hope".

33-year-old rogue Jedi David Allen Canterbury viciously attacked shoppers at a Toys-R-Us with toy Lightsabers in Portland. Showing signs of a Sith rising, Canterbury duel welded the toy Star Wars Lightsabers and continued to hit customers with them while running down the aisles exhibiting his Jedi skills. But his vengeance wasn't over there.

After taking victims inside the store, Canterbury headed outside to face authorities. He left the store with the toy Light-Sabers and began taking swings at Portland police. But his attacking spree came to an end there when the valiant and brave Portland PD over powered him with their "force" and wrestled him to the ground. The force was used for evil that day in mid December, and now David Allen Canterbury will face jail time for beating his victims and attacking police with the trusted Jedi weapons.

Oregon judge Kenneth Walker gave a 45-day jail sentence to Canterbury, and ordered that he receive a mental health evaluation.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DOOMED 3 (How to get a sticker)

The tortured and the damned are bored and looking for anything to talk about. But to their surprise a couple of Marines stop by and they think they're saved.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare on Xbox Live Arcade

Sometimes writers like to write themselves into their own story as a twist for the reader. It's a way to make a story fun while the writer gets a chance to escape into their own world. Then there are writers that literally get absorbed into their own works and face the real nightmares they've created, and writer Alan Wake can't escape his own terror.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is the upcoming story-based survival horror game which is a side story to the dark action horror game Alan Wake. This title isn't a sequel nor a prequel to Alan Wake, it's based on the fictional authors earlier works known as his Night Springs series. Night Springs was a TV series Alan Wake wrote early in his career, and now he is stuck in his own story facing the horrors of his own making.

The game takes place in Arizona and Alan his trying to uncover a mystery involving what appears to be his evil doppelganger. The sinister doppelganger was created in a deep dark place within the storyline of the first game "Alan Wake". It wreaks havoc throughout the dark pages of Wake's books and lands comfortably in a episode of Night Springs. Alan is then manifested into this fictional world battling light and dark to try and grasp the fine line between reality and fiction.

The game-play will be very similar to the first game with obvious differences in scenery and enemies. Like the first Alan Wake it will be story driven with deep plot lines and rich character development. Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be available for download on Xbox Live near the end of next month, and it's being developed by Remedy Entertainment. Prepare to help Alan survive the nightmare.