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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mario Party 9 brings back clean fun

No one knows better on how to bring a party like the Mario Bros. For years groups have come together to compete head to head to be number one on Mario Party, and the game has brought fun and joy to both friends and family. The successful Mario Party series has rocked Nintendo consoles since 64, and now its coming back with Mario Party 9.

Mario Party 9 is the upcoming group party game for the Wii which puts our favorite Super Mario Bros characters against each other in wacky competition. Mario Party is a board style game where players play on a virtual board, each player then rolls dice to determined how many moves they can make. There are also forks in the road for players to navigate through out the board. The game supports up to 4 players playing on a game board filled with prizes, obstacles, mini games, races and boss encounters. It will play very similar to previous titles adopting the same game basics, however there will loads of new additions.

Fans will enjoy some old Mario Party favorite mini games as well as new mini-games which puts 4 players against each other such as Shell Soccer, jump rope, snowmobile race, rocket launching and much more. The game will have over 25 four player mini games, several 1-vs-3 mini games (which usually puts the player in the lead against everyone else), over 10 boss mini games and some extra unlock-able mini-games. Players will also have 7 different boards to play on including Boo's Horror Castle and Toad Road.

Playable Characters:

Princess Peach
Princess Daisy
Shy Guy
Koopa Troopa

Mario Party 9 promises to be good clean fun for the whole family and is must have for any party. Mario Party 9 will on the Nintendo Wii and due to be available March of 2012.

Aria Pemberton

Mario Party 9 brings back clean fun - Phoenix Video Game |

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