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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mario Party 9 brings back clean fun

No one knows better on how to bring a party like the Mario Bros. For years groups have come together to compete head to head to be number one on Mario Party, and the game has brought fun and joy to both friends and family. The successful Mario Party series has rocked Nintendo consoles since 64, and now its coming back with Mario Party 9.

Mario Party 9 is the upcoming group party game for the Wii which puts our favorite Super Mario Bros characters against each other in wacky competition. Mario Party is a board style game where players play on a virtual board, each player then rolls dice to determined how many moves they can make. There are also forks in the road for players to navigate through out the board. The game supports up to 4 players playing on a game board filled with prizes, obstacles, mini games, races and boss encounters. It will play very similar to previous titles adopting the same game basics, however there will loads of new additions.

Fans will enjoy some old Mario Party favorite mini games as well as new mini-games which puts 4 players against each other such as Shell Soccer, jump rope, snowmobile race, rocket launching and much more. The game will have over 25 four player mini games, several 1-vs-3 mini games (which usually puts the player in the lead against everyone else), over 10 boss mini games and some extra unlock-able mini-games. Players will also have 7 different boards to play on including Boo's Horror Castle and Toad Road.

Playable Characters:

Princess Peach
Princess Daisy
Shy Guy
Koopa Troopa

Mario Party 9 promises to be good clean fun for the whole family and is must have for any party. Mario Party 9 will on the Nintendo Wii and due to be available March of 2012.

Aria Pemberton

Mario Party 9 brings back clean fun - Phoenix Video Game |

NY Police beat women for poop

Your dog is more then a cute animal companion, inside your dog is an evil illegal substance that can get you in big time trouble. As innocent as they look, your dog will eventually turn to the dark-side, and poop. It's something we all tread and someday all pet owners will have to face, and police are trying desperately to stop it, even beat you if your dog is caught doing it.

Anna Stanczyk, a Queens women was walking her dog to avoid the evil deed taking place inside her home. With caution she walked the streets hoping no cops will catch her dog Psotka's illegal activity. Luckily for Stanczyk, her dog has not reviled any sign of the devil yet and has only urinated, but her luck was about to change.

Stanczyk was confronted by officers Shaun Grossweiler and Richard DeMartino who claim she didn't pick up the feces from her dog. Feeling it was some sort of a mistake, she explained that her dog only went pee. However the officers were convinced that Psotka left an unlawful steamer down the road, and attempted to track down the evidence.

They then presented a poop pile to her which she said was "old and dry", and claimed it was just left there by their dog of interest Psotka. They then told Anna she had to clean up the poop, she then does as they ask knowing it wasn't her dog. In protest she continued to tell the officers it wasn't Psotka, and her nor her dog did anything wrong, but apparently Stanczyk didn't know that arguing with police is dangerous.

A statement from a neighbor said that one of the officers rushed Anna Stanczyk and punched her in the face and breast several times before cuffing and arresting her. Stanczyk was simply trying to stand up for her rights because she did nothing wrong. She was clearly co-operating with officers Grossweiler and DeMartino, but simply a verbal protest got her beaten and arrested.

The incident is under investigation by Internal Affairs and possible misconduct is in question. There has been no statement on behalf of officer Richard DeMartino or officer Shaun Grossweiler as of yet. Anna Stanczyk was charged that night for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

NY Police beat women for poop - Phoenix Cannabis Culture |

Monday, January 23, 2012

Resident Evil 6 confirmed this year

2012 is going to be a huge year for Resident Evil fans. The franchise has announced 3 major gigs in the works for the world of Resident Evil, and fans are both skeptical and anxious. A new Resident Evil movie is in the works bringing back some of our favorite RE characters to the big screen. But first, fans have been patiently waiting for the release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which takes place during the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3. But Capcom has another block buster planned for 2012.

Resident Evil 6 is the upcoming survival horror game from Capcom. The game features the return of fan favorite, Leon S. Kennedy known for his role in the cult classic Resident Evil 4, and Chris Redfield who appeared in the last installment Resident Evil 5. In addition Ashley makes an appearance, and a new character is introduced, who appears to be immune to the infection. There has also been a rumor about Wesker making an appearance as well, but the headlining return is the zombies, and their more hungry then ever.

The game takes place 15 years after the events in Raccoon City, and for Leon it's like reliving his first day as a police officer. The President of the United States prepares a press release to disclose the truth behind the incident in Raccoon City with Leon by his side in support, but a biological attack occurs transforming the president into something else. Leon once again finds himself in the middle of a another outbreak. Meanwhile, Chris Redfeild is deployed to China to help prevent a bio-terror attack after a threat, but things don't go as smoothly as he had hoped.

Very little is known about the storyline and game-play right now, however a new trailer for Resident Evil 6 shows us a few snippets. It appears to have similar game-play from RE 4 and RE 5 with the over-the-shoulder third person view with more covering options. The trailer also hints to a new melee system with the addition of combos. There is a scene showing game-play with Leon sliding across the floor backwards shooting enemies while on his back similar to Max Payne. Some of the zombies seem to have slightly more rage then previous titles, being faster and more vicious, and it looks like tyrants will be returning as well.

The graphics and animation look amazing with highly detailed environments, and the game-play appears to be action packed. There will be no surprise if Resident Evil 6 becomes an instant classic. Resident Evil 6 is expected to hit retail in late November for PS3, Xbox 360 and later for PC. Prepare to face the zombie invasion yet again.